Before you think you have it all figured out….

imageBefore you think you have it all figured out…I caution you to think first. Think about all of the times you were SURE about something. Later you found out you were wrong, not so sure or in fact really had no idea how that THING actually works or how THOSE PEOPLE or THOSE FACTS really affected you.

When can we be sure? Can we be sure when our thoughts tell us something. How about when we see something or hear sounds. What are we sure of anyway? A sensory message, a fleeting moment leading to the next fleeting moment and so on and so on.

As I get older and now as I sustain unimaginable events that shake up all that I KNEW to be true; I am more and more sure of this….

Life is so grand, so vast and we are a very special and important part of the flow. We have a purpose and we have choice.

While I never actually thought too long about Death and the question of “Where do we go?” I also never dismissed anything. Now that I have been ushered into a new world of “FACTS” – moments of feeling my deceased brother’s touch on my hand or seeing a vision of him doing something like surfing I am even more filled with questions.

I believe it is our natural state as souls to be questioning and growing. I now believe we will do this for far longer than we can even imagine. And….we need to keep imagining, keep asking question, and keep participating in the conversation about Why we are here.

Before Judgement

This morning I got a vision of myself and my brother Duffy as two year olds on the beach. We were smiling with the wind in our hair and sand all over us.

I think he sent this to me, as I am missing him so close to what would have been his 52nd birthday on Tuesday.

I believe he was telling me something very crucial. We can have a “child’s mind” again at any time; free of judgment and happy in the moment. We just have to believe we can and try it. And, somewhere in the universe our two year old selves still exist….just as my 10 yr. old, 40 yr. old and yesterday self still exist.

What is vital is to stay connected to each moment. To get the most from NOW. Because, really beyond what we understand as time here on earth, it is all now and all moments are alive.

I feel he was telling me, remember sister be happy now, just try.
I will…


There are times in life when we are opened up by sheer force of feeling and with no control of our own. Grief can be one of those times. We have an opportunity when we experience the death of a loved one to open our heart further instead of shutting down. We all feel so many different things when we grieve; pain, sadness, guilt, despair, hopelessness even. We can also feel a sense of meaning if we are open to subtle and sometimes not so subtle signs that our loved one is now existing in a different way from us.

When my brother Jeff passed I felt unimaginable pain. I also felt and experienced – and still do – signs that his spirit is actually present and, I believe, communicating with me. While I had to let go of the previous relationship with him I now have a new relationship. I am open to the changed reality. I am open to the idea that what we call reality changes for us all when we confront death.

Since sharing my story, others have told me theirs. I invite conversation and sharing about your experiences of spirit, after death communication and life going on…..


A common theme of many people who have experienced a Near Death Experience is that of feeling an overwhelming sense of purpose to their lives upon return. They sense, feel and are told of the importance of returning to earth to fulfill a life’s purpose. Rather than feel confused or disappointed upon return; the people who survive come back feeling a renewed sense of love, hope and joy. They have seen from the “other side” that there is truly a deeply important place for each of us here.

If we believed in “life continuing” in some form how might we more appreciate all that we DO have here and what we CAN do here on earth? How might we see our problems with more distance, feeling of a lesson to be learned and not as a punishment?

Those who have nearly crossed over resoundingly come to learn that our “self” lives on and our “self” here on earth was meant to grow and experience as much as possible – easy and hard – to get the most from this one precious life.

I invite those who have had an OBE or know someone or have an opinion to let me know your thoughts.